The Project

For its 13-year celebratory issue, Athens Voice, the city’s uber-urban free press newspaper, collaborated with students from Deree – The American College of Greece. 39 students took to the streets with brand new titles – photographer, journalist, writer, visual artist – and explored the city with fresh eyes… Street art and wildlife, neoclassical beauty and vintage newsstand anarchy, Athenian habits and creative hubs, the underground and the new age crowd.
So, after months of scouring the city for unique shots, tweaking words in an article over and over again until it’s perfect, the content of the issue was set, bringing us to..

The Cover

At some point during a Friday afternoon brainstorming session, the concept for the cover popped up, bringing a smile to everyone’s face – the “that’s it, that’s our cover” smile.
Double exposure photography to show the different facets of the city, as well as the changing viewpoints of the students. What was once just a dirty wall is a hastily scribbled down message of hope, a declaration of young, impatient love.
And the Cat. Anyone who’s been to Athens knows that if the city had a spirit animal, it would be a cat: It’s street, and at the same time lavish. It’s graffiti and ripped posters on the walls of winding alley ways, it’s friendly strangers and tasty treats, it’s a spirit that you come to love, but that you can never truly tame.

Copywriter: Amy Psycha
Art Director: Chrysa Patriarchea

More on this project here.