There’s a reason social media feeds overflow with sunset photos; how can one witness such remarkable beauty and not try to snap a photo for proof?  Add to the picture the indescribable Attican blue, the vast Aegean Sea, and some Parthenon charm, and you know why you will need our 4-step guide to the perfect sunset snapshot:

Step 1: The Location

Choose a place for true sunset-gazing, e.g. the Doric Temple of Poseidon, Cape Sounio.
Basic location requirements: panoramic view of the Aegean Sea, seven islands seen in the distance, stunning temple.

Step 2: The Spot

Find your sunset-capturing spot, somewhere quiet, away from the selfie-stickers and the #sunset_sultans

Step 3: The Preparation

Forget about your devices and look. Just look.
No phones, no cameras, no photos, no videos, no chats, just… no. (Beginners are encouraged to try to take their eyes off of their smart phone just for 2 minutes– before the sun dives in the sea)

Step 4: The Capturing

Open your eyes wide, and experience ephemeral beauty; take in everything you see, every single drop of color: from the deep blue water, laced with lustrous yellow oil paint brushes on the horizon line, to the ethereal water colors above, swirls of rose and peach, puffs of magenta and rouge, strokes of pearl and gold.

And as time trails on, you’ll think back to this sky, and see it all: a majestic expanse of artful strokes unfolding before you, the moving clouds, the changing colors, and the soft embrace of night as the sun dips under the horizon.

Originally published on This is Athens: Never Ending Stories #100

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